Key Technologies & Expertise

We always strive to keep up with the latest technologies, and at the same time provide our clients with solutions built on a solid foundation of reliability, expert opinion and proven experience.

Our current technology stack is powered by enterprise-grade open-source technologies.

AI And Machine Learning

Simply put, we are not immune to what is happening in the world of software today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is everywhere. Naturally, we have incorporated both AI and ML into our systems.

  • Implementations:
    • Brandchat AI and ML-Powered Chatbots. Complete with Natural Language Processing and Understanding, intent extraction and reinforced learning for our Brandchat Answers - automated customer service platform
    • Web Portal Recommendations - Evaluation of user interactions and behaviour on our Fractals-powered websites, classification of users based on latent features, and recommendation of content that user is most likely to engage with.
  • Tools and tech: Tensoflow, Keras, Rasa Core and Rasa NLU, Python

Backend APIs and Apps

Our core expertise is in developing easily customisable, performant, and secure backend systems. Since 2015, all our systems are API-First, ensuring our clients can hook up to the systems and pull data from a central source. This is extremely useful when data needs to be presented on the web or mobile. In addition, it makes a great implementation strategy for any additional internal or external out-of-the-box systems integration.

  • Implementations: Fractals Headless CMS, Brandchat Customer service and chatbots platform, Learny - online education portal for students and teachers, Try Smartbite Web Portal.
  • Tools and tech: NodeJS, Java J2EE, Grails, Python

User Experience (UX)

No software solution is complete without a proper evaluation of the user's interaction with the system in the form of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. For a typical project, our team will research, analyse, prototype, implement and iterate our systems to meet the respective expectations and system goals of the users, client and internal QC team. For specialised projects, we may also additionally employ real-time recording of facial expressions and match them with user actions, to evaluate and improve the user interface. Our philosophy in software development is that interaction with an app, either as end-user or admin, should feel natural and intuitive.

One more thing, we're not huge fans of 100+ pages of user manuals. Users should interact with the system and feel that they are in-control and are comfortable exploring the features of the system.

  • Implementation: DIGI Acc Executive App, DIGI Dealers Mobile App, Sunway Pyramid website, Sunway Carnival website, Learny education portal for children between 9 and 15 years of age, and many more
  • Tools and tech: Sketch, Invision

Cross-platform Mobile Development

When it comes to mobile app development, the final implementation will naturally depend on the client's requirements. We evaluate and recommend the best possible solution and platform in terms of speed, cost and value. With this in mind, our recommendation is to go Hybrid. Here are some benefits of Hybrid mobile apps:

  • 60 Frames-per-second (fps) rendering is now easily achieved with most modern tools, giving the end-user a smooth and relatively natural app experience
  • Reduced costs as development is done once and the code runs on both the Android and Apple platforms
  • Speed of project completion and delivering is much faster due to reused code-bases
  • With Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) we can deploy the same mobile app directly as a web app, with minor or zero modifications. Maintenance of these systems is also made faster and more efficient

Some of the Mobile and web hybrids recently implemented are listed below.

  • Implementation: Brandchat Agent App, Brandchat Admin App, Brandchat Public-user App, Fractals Admin MAnagement App, Fractals Content Management App
  • Tools and tech: AngularJS, Angular (4, 5 and 6 with TypeScript), Ionic, Vue 2, Bootstrap Mobile

Front-End Development

The days when Javascript was used for small DOM manipulations of web portals are over. Javascript has grown so much in the past several years, and continues to grow. We've produced some pretty amazing solutions using the tools available to us, including:

  • TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap Mobile, Bootstrap, Pure (Yahoo), and just plain old JS

Tools and Open Source Packages We Use

Below are a some enterprise-grade implementations of leading open-source tools that we've adapted for use in our apps:

Elastic Search

An amazing open-source indexing and searching software product that powers our crazy-fast search engine for Sunway Pyramid and Brandchat Knowldge-based (FAQ) databases.


This tiny piece of open-source heaven is simply amazing. It is an extremely performant in-memory database that we use in almost all of our systems for distributed caching, content sharing and various kinds of counters, sorted lists, leaderboards, etc.


Our current database of choice. It's flexibility, JSON based queries, and ability to shard it for crazy-large datasets just makes it difficult to resist. MySQL is also used, mostly for important transactional stuff.


Powers all our real-time page updates without the need for a user to refresh the page. Data travels from the backend system directly into the user's browsers, updating content in realtime. With sockets (or websockets) web applications can be made to feel just like any ol' desktop system (we mean you, the SAPs and Oracles of the world!).

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