Secure, Fast, and Reliable Website and Content Management Solution

Secure, Fast, Reliable Website and Content Management Solution

Fractals is a web publishing and CMS platform for medium and large enterprises with a need for high performance, scalability and security.

It is an API-driven (headless) CMS where content is API-based, and pulled from various sources including external sources like CRM, inventory, database, etc.

The web framework that just fits

The better content publishing solution

Headless and API-ready

All server-side processes or database actions are abstracted into reusable APIs, accessed over HTTP with JavaScript. APIs can be custom-built, or leverage third-party services.

Content Management

Create and manage unlimited number of pages for the website. Easily change website look and feel. Image content optimisation (high quality image display, on any device). Internal review of website content for approval and publishing.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Create page-based marketing campaigns using microsites, online forms, newsletters, etc. to capture user input. Setup auto-replies that are fully integrateable with external systems (CRM, campaign management system, mail server etc.). Form anti-spam feature (detect and filter SPAM form submissions) included.

Recommendation Engine with User-based Content Targeting

Monitoring user browsing patterns to find relevant content to push to the user in real-time. Very well suited for product or service targeting.

A/B Testing

Setup variations of a webpage to test the efficacy of different content and design to improve website conversion rate.

Multi-lingual Support

Create variations of your page in different languages, and let your page visitor select their language of choice.

Automatic Image Optimisation

Uploaded images are auto-resized into preset sizes so that the best one is loaded, depending on your visitor's screen size. This greatly improves the speed and performance of your site, and is especially useful when viewed on mobile devices.

Integrated Keyword Search

Website content is analysed and processed, and made available for visitors to search and find information quickly and easily.

Content Prioritisation

Select and publish Blogs, Events and Promotions as "Featured" or "Premium". Statistics tracking is availabe for "views" for Featured or Premium content.

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