About Alcassoft

Established in 2003, Alcassoft is a boutique software and digital services firm focused on empowering its clients with end-to-end digital solutions and services, including:

  • Organisation-wide IT Strategy Consultation
  • Custom Software Development
  • User Experience and Design (UX/ UI)
  • AI and Machine Learning solutions

100% Success Rate

We have worked with clients from various industries including Finance, Logistics, Media, Advertising, Online Retail, Telecomms, Motor Sports, and many more - and have always delivered. That's a track record we are proud to maintain, even after more than a decade in the biz.

The Alcassoft Philosophy

At our core, we aim to deliver. The essential elements that define the Alcassoft team, culture and philosophy are:

  • Extensive experience in corresponding fields of expertise
  • Built on a solid foundation of expert knowledge, yet constantly working to acquire new skills and know-how in technologies and trends, to better ourselves, the company, and our products & services
  • Close collaboration with the client to fully understand the problematics, in order to deliver a solution that meets the clients' needs and objectives
  • Dedication to quality of products and services
  • Value our own, as well as clients’ reputations
  • Embrace and feed on challenge
  • Fast response to client feedback, reports and requests

Alcassoft Today

Today, Alcassoft is a boutique custom software and digital services firm with a trusted network of core personnel and partners supporting our operations. This enables us to respond directly, accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively to our clients and customers.

The core team consists of domain experts, ensuring quality and consistency in project deliverables.

Our Expertise

The Alcassoft Advantage

Alcassoft's strengths lie in our involvement with our clients, our innovativeness in providing long-term solutions, and the short amount of time it takes to implement that solution.

Very often, the solutions Alcassoft delivers encompass much more than the client’s initial specifications. The Alcassoft team’s emphasis on lateral thinking means that it is able to look at the problem from many perspectives, and find the long-term solution that works best for the client.

The three ‘I’s that govern the Alcassoft work ethic are:
  • Involvement – the client is always in the loop
  • Initiative - the challenge is approached from all angles before the final solution is implemented
  • Innovation – current trends and technologies are taken into consideration and applied where appropriate to give the Client a long-term solution that fits

Humble Beginings

Founded in March of 2003 by current CEO Almir Cajic, Alcassoft has evolved from a home-based business to a full-fledged software and digital solutions firm with local as well as international clients.

One of Alcassoft’s first clients was MultiModal Freight Sdn Bhd, a fully-owned subsidiary of KTM Berhad and a leader in the logistics industry in its own right. Alcassoft successfully maintained its relationship with MMF, building a number of systems and extensions over a period of several years.

Similarly with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), the first user of Alcassoft’s proprietary content management system

Why Choose Us?

Delivering custom software solutions since 2003.

When we take on a project, we deliver. Our work is about understanding the issues and strategising the best way to lay the foundations for a solution that performs, is scalable, and meets the current and planned future objectives of our clients.

We stay on top of the tech so you can focus on your business.

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